Dental Health Guard (Liquid Dentist 16 oz)

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OxyAdvantage Aquiterra Sacred Clay
$39.50 - 1 Oz bottle

Provides electrolyes, helps increase cellular oxygenation and detoxification, metabolic stimulation and enhances production of cell and body energy.

Aquiterra Sacred Clay

$24.00 - 8 oz Jar
Helps pull heavy metals and other toxins out of your body easily, effectively, and most inexpensively. Your skin is the 2nd most important detoxification organ. Used internally, it feeds your body with 65+ minerals, trace minerals, and rare earths.
PrimoLifeâ„¢ Mineral Supplement Green Harvest Superfood Green Powder
32 oz bottle - $59.95
This high-spin humic-fulvic formula is an exceptional blend of rejuvenating enzymes, co-enzymes, metabolic catalysts, vitamins, minerals, monoatomic supercharged platinum-group elements, pure silver and super-conducting gold.

Green Harvest
$39.50 - 30 Serving Can

A delicious tasting, optimally organic, and/or wildcrafted green food powder formulated to help people stay healthy and lose weight. Used daily, this superfood can help deliver more energy, so you can tackle each day with more vim and vigor.

Silver Support Brown Seaweed Extract
Silver Support™ - 8 oz bottle

This scientifically tested, oligodynamic, oxy-silver-hydrogen solution helps strengthen natural immunity. A unique hydrosol suspension of electrically-charged silver atoms, ionically prepared and combined with oxygen in a covalent bond. Much more powerful than colloidal silver.

Brown Seaweed Extract
$29.95 - 90 Capsules

Contains alginate, a natural absorbent, which binds with the heavy metals and chemicals. Because the body cannot absorb alginate, it is excreted.
Helps boost the immune system and thyroid glad rehabilitation,

Alena Naturals
Natural Skin Care

-Formulated with Natural Herbs and Ingredients from Nature

-Helps make your skin more supple, more alive, nourished and radiant.

-Helps protect your skin from UV sunlight, harsh climate, dehydration and pollution damage.

-Highest Quality at an Affordable Price

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ElectroEnzymes - 3 Pack
ElectroEnzymes - 3 Pack
ElectroEnzymes - 3 Pack
Provides total enzyme supplementation and aids all digestive functions for optimal assimilation of nutrients and health for MORE ENERGY and STAMINA!!
These powerful plant-based digestive enzymes are VITAL for people challenged nutritionally from eating frozen, cooked, and chemically-poisoned foods. (99% of America)
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ZeoLife 3 Pack
Silver Support 3 Pack
ZeoLife 12 Pack
Dental Health Guard


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PanAway Essential Oil
Peppermint Essential Oil
Valor Bar Soap
Lavender Rosewood Bar Soap