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It’s a Wonderful Life!!!!!

I just returned from watching my daughter in the Sandpoint On Stage presentation of It’s a Wonderful Life. I can never get through that show without tears. The tears this time were a combination of the play’s message and the fact that Aria, cast as a singer, looked and sounded amazing up there. It was a big-fat-proud-mama-moment!!

So the story is George……..on the verge of suicide, realizes with the help of an angel-in-training that even with overwhelming financial stress and dissatisfaction that he never left his small town and made it big, realizes he had so, so much to be thankful for and live for. We all need a little reminder now-and-then of ways to more than just survive, but THRIVE in this sometimes seemingly hassle-filled world.

Burned out – we’ve all been there – spent emotionally from the weight of day to day struggle. Here’s our:

The Best 12 Days of 2011 Tips to Ease Tension:

      1)      Change your Attitude – About 99% of stress is not “what’s out there,” it’s how you perceive things and your reaction to it. Every problem we encounter can be viewed as an opportunity. For instance a difficult task can be a chance to improve your skills.

      2)      Think Positive About a Past Achievement when you are nervous about a presentation, for example. If you were successful in the past there’s no reason you shouldn’t be so now.

      3)      Recite affirmations like “I can handle this” which appeals to the intellectual part of you that knows you have tremendous ability.

      4)      Take a Mental Break – Visualize yourself lying on a warm beach in the Caribbean with the sound of the surf in the background.

      5)      Count to 5 and Take Some Deep Breaths – Pause and relax before you respond so you feel more in control. Like when the phone rings, let it ring one extra time, while you breathe in and breathe out imagining you are loose and calm.

      6)      Look Away From the Problem – The eyes will relax, and so will you.

      7)      Cry or Yell – Not always possible, but if you are in your own private office or home, crying or screaming can give you a HUGE release.

     8)      Stretch your Tense Muscles – Everything emotional manifests in the physical. If you stretch tense muscles, you can reduce the sensation of stress.

     9)      Massage Yourself – Work on those tense muscles usually in the back of your neck, for a couple minutes. Breathe in and out deeply, while you let the stress go.

    10)   Take a Hot Bath – Tension reduces blood flow to our extremities. Hot water helps restore circulation, convincing the body it’s okay to relax.

    11)   Exercise – A walk around the block can throw off tension.

    12)   Listen to Relaxing Music – a powerful tool for fighting stress.

One of our vendors just returned from India. He said, “Everyone should visit there to see what poverty really is.” We are truly blessed, even though our rights are seemingly eroded at every turn. Let’s approach 2012 with a spirit of collaboration and service to others. Change begins within ourselves. Shower yourself with LOVE, LOVE others, and watch LOVE radiate to everyone around you. “A frown is only a smile turned upside down.”

It is a wonderful life!!!!!!!!!

Many, Many Blessings,


Jackie Lindenbach, Member, Manager,

Healthy World Celebrations

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