Dental Health Guard (Liquid Dentist 16 oz)

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Dental Health Guard - 16 oz Liquid - Dentist Recommended Sacred Clay
Dental Health Guard - 16 oz Liquid - Dentist Recommended

Dental Health Guard works with a one-two punch to aggressively attack the germs and bacteria that cause oral diseases then helps your body repair your teeth and gums naturally. Coupled with good nutrition and avoiding sugar/refined carbohydrates, Dental Health Guard helps stop the harmful germs that invade your teeth and gums. Then this powerful formula helps re-mineralize and re-harden tooth structure. This formula leaves your breath fresh and teeth feeling professionally cleaned.
Sacred Clay
$33.76 - 8 oz Jar
Helps pull heavy metals and other toxins out of your body easily, effectively, and most inexpensively. Your skin is the 2nd most important detoxification organ. Used internally, it feeds your body with 65+ minerals, trace minerals, and rare earths.
OxyAdvantage PrimoLifeâ„¢ Mineral Supplement
$44.00 - 1 Oz bottle

Provides electrolyes, helps increase cellular oxygenation and detoxification, metabolic stimulation and enhances production of cell and body energy.

32 oz bottle - $65.00
This high-spin humic-fulvic formula is an exceptional blend of rejuvenating enzymes, co-enzymes, metabolic catalysts, vitamins, minerals, monoatomic supercharged platinum-group elements, pure silver and super-conducting gold.

Alena Naturals
Natural Skin Care

-Formulated with Natural Herbs and Ingredients from Nature

-Helps make your skin more supple, more alive, nourished and radiant.

-Helps protect your skin from UV sunlight, harsh climate, dehydration and pollution damage.

-Highest Quality at an Affordable Price

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Silver Support 18 Pack
Silver Support 18 Pack

Silver Support 8 oz bottle
12 Pack - $355.52 (Save 20% - Includes S&H)
(Oxygen-Silver-Hydrogen Solution)

A tablespoon of Silver Support contains over 120 trillion ions which is 20 trillion more than the total cells of the human body. Silver Support is designed to be transported into the body by metalloproteins which are a relatively small molecule that binds to the active molecule in Silver Support. Your Saliva has over two hundred types of proteins and fully one third of the proteins found in the body are metalloproteins. Thus, reactive ions in Silver Support are transported past the stomach and thru the circulatory system without local reactions to even chemicals in the stomach. This is not true with other company’s non-ionic colloidal silver products.
The technology in Silver Support is simply the most effective formulation for delivery of dietary silver on the market today.


PrimoLife™ Mineral Supplement
ZeoLife 3 Pack
Silver Support 3 Pack