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Silver Support 12 Pack


Silver Support - 8 oz bottles

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Silver-Oxygen-Hydrogen Solution

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$355.52 (Save 20% Plus FREE S&H )

Silver-Oxygen-Hydrogen Solution
A tablespoon of Silver Support contains over 120 trillion ions which is 20 trillion more than the total cells of the human body. Silver Support is designed to be transported into the body by metalloproteins which are a relatively small molecule that binds to the active molecule in Silver Support. Your Saliva has over two hundred types of proteins and fully one third of the proteins found in the body are metalloproteins. Thus, reactive ions in Silver Support are transported past the stomach and thru the circulatory system without local reactions to even chemicals in the stomach. This is not true with other company’s non-ionic colloidal silver products.
The technology in Silver Support is simply the most effective formulation for delivery of dietary silver on the market today.

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Questions & Answers:

1. Should SILVER SUPPORT be taken on an empty stomach?
Taking this product on an empty stomach is considered best. However, a few people with sensitive stomachs may experience some minor discomfort (ie: bloating). The discomfort occurs mostly due to detoxification. If this occurs, the dosage should be reduced and taken with food. Generally sensitive persons have better tolerance after taking SILVER SUPPORT for a week or two. When the lower dosage level is finally not creating any adverse detoxification reactions, it may be gradually increased.

2. How does SILVER SUPPORT compare with prescription-grade silver hydrosols?
SILVER SUPPORT contains energetically structured water. It is a powerful aid in detoxification and natural energy restoration.

3. How do you recommend taking SILVER SUPPORT for chronic or serious ailments?
People who are seriously and/or chronically ill can increase the dosage of SILVER SUPPORT to one teaspoon every two hours up to six servings daily for three months. (See toxic dose limit below.) After three months it is wise to return to the regular maintenance dose (3 teaspoons daily) for three months. In other words, alternate taking the higher dosage for three months; then the lower dosage for three months. Once you have recovered from your ailment and maintained for 3 months, you can stop using this product daily.

4. Can you develop resistant strains of germs if you use this product as recommended above?
The chance of this happening is extremely remote.

5. Can you use a metal spoon?
A plastic spoon is best to protect the structured water and energy resonance in SILVER SUPPORT

6. Can you put it under your tongue?
Many people do, however, this is not necessary to enjoy the general benefits of this product.

7. Can SILVER SUPPORT be used topically on skin wounds and cuts, etc.?
SILVER SUPPORT can be used very effectively topically.

8. Can you put SILVER SUPPORT in your eyes, like an eye drop?
Although it is not recommended for use in this way, many people have been experimenting. No harm is expected using SILVER SUPPORT in this way except the eye rinse would sting your eyes about the same as rinsing with pure drinking water because it is not an isotonic saline solution. Some people have expressed benefits putting a couple of drops of SILVER SUPPORT into quality over-the-counter eye washes.

9. Is there a shelf life for SILVER SUPPORT?
There is nothing infectious that is ever going to grow in it.

10. Are there special storage instructions, like "refrigerate after opening", etc?
Nothing harmful is ever going to grow in SILVER SUPPORT, so you can keep it on your counter or in the medicine chest or a cupboard. Keep in a cool, dry, dark place to support the integrity of the bottle.

11. What is the difference between SILVER SUPPORT and colloidal silver?
The special covalently-bonded silver-oxygen molecule makes SILVER SUPPORT completely different, including those with the smallest particle or uniformly dispersed silver hydrosols because they do not contain this unique covalently-bonded molecule.

12. How is SILVER SUPPORT metabolized, broken down, or removed from the body?
Regular body proteins pick up the charged molecules of silver-oxygen. These covalently-bonded molecules, which are 400 times smaller than a red blood cell, easily pass through cell walls and can be carried away by the lymphatic system. 98% of the SILVER SUPPORT you consume is disposed of within a day, so very little is left in your body after you take it.
SILVER SUPPORT combines with plasma proteins, which are removed by the liver. More than 90% is eliminated in the bile. Most of this comes out in the feces; with very little being excreted in the urine. The 2% of silver in SILVER SUPPORT that is not excreted through the bowel is deposited in the skin and mucous tissues. Tissue deposition of silver results from precipitation of insoluble salts, such as silver chloride and silver phosphate, into cell membranes mostly. These may be transformed to soluble silver sulphide albuminates and bind with amino or carboxyl groups in proteins and nucleic acids. They may also be oxidized to metallic silver by ascorbic acid, or catecholamines, and slowly excreted via your sweat glands.
Regular colloidal silver products or other poorly produced products, such as silver salts or crystals, may be retained for years since your body can not process large silver particles. You either discharge them without any gain or absorb the silver particles in your tissues if they are not removed by the lymphatic system.

13. Is there a toxic dose of SILVER SUPPORT?
The fatal dose of retained silver for the average human is 10 grams. SILVER SUPPORT is a trace mineral water with 6 parts-per-million (ppm) of covalently-bonded silver. At 6 ppm, you consume only 0.0015 grams for every 8 ounce bottle. When you do the math, you see the toxic dose of 10 grams is so far away from what a reasonable person would consume. The EPA states you can drink 5 tablespoons per day (2.5 ounces) of 5 PPM regular metallic colloidal silver for 70 years with no sign of risk for even sensitive persons.

14. Does SILVER SUPPORT kill off good bacteria in your gut?
This is possible, but the extent to which this may happen needs further investigation. Please use a quality pro-biotic, like GI Flora Pro when using SILVER SUPPORT. One way to help replenish important bacteria to your intestine is to eat garden-fresh organic vegetables with some soil-based microbes on the food.

15. Is SILVER SUPPORT a nanotechnology and is it dangerous to the environment?
SILVER SUPPORT contains mostly water and a small concentration of nano-sized silver particles. Although the silver-oxygen bonded molecules are being created using advanced technology, it has not been officially classified as a nanotechnology for many reasons, including the fact that it is clearly not a self-replicating form of nanotechnology capable of overtaking natural biological systems, which is a reasonable concern.
Regarding any rumored risk to the environment from silver hydrosols, there is no scientific evidence that environmental accumulation of silver hydrosols will cause any germ species extinctions. If you seriously consider this thesis advanced by nanotechnology opponents/pharmaceutical propagandists who neglect the environmental degradation from the heavy metals and chemicals in pharmaceuticals, you realize this promoted rumor is ridiculous recognizing microbiology's ability to culture and mass produce germs for all kinds of reasons. Germs are plentiful and easily cultured.

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